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Air Quality Products and Services

Did you know that polluted indoor air can contribute to your overall health? We sell and repair home air quality products for all of your needs. Contact us today for a great price.

We offer a 30 day workmanship guarantee on hvac service work

  • Do you suffer from allergies
  • Severely dry or even bloody noses
  • Musty, damp household
  • Overworked air movement system
  • Do you have asthma

Knowing your air quality enemies

Indoor allergens wreak havoc on your respiratory system whether you have allergies or not. As dust and mold build up in your home, you breathe it in on a regular basis. It’s no wonder that allergies are on the rise in the US. Don’t worry, though, our air quality experts have a wide range of solutions.

Put allergens in the crosshairs:

  • Duct Cleaning
  • Home Humidification Products
  • Home Dehumidification Products
  • HEPA Systems
  • UV Systems – kills allergens!

Moisture is key to air quality

Humidity plays a major role in indoor air quality

The amount of humidity in your air plays a vital role in the overall air quality. Too much humidity and the air gets moldy and smells of mildew. Too little and your skin gets dry and nose bleeds may occur. Contact us today to learn more about humidity control products and improve your indoor air quality at home.

Get a breath of fresh air

Whether it’s a proactive system like HEPA filters and UV systems or it’s something more low impact like duct cleaning and humidity control, you can make sure your home is as dust, mite, and mold free as possible. All it takes is one call to (920) 268-4966 to discuss possible strategies for your home with our specialists.